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Guest 1:  Richard Matthews, California State Senate candidate – scientist, engineering exec. 
Gas leak larger then BP, covers California
(This massive leak is spewing out literally a ton of gas every minute. It is releasing 1/4 as much methane as all of California normally releases. Toxins including methyl mercaptan, benzene, and radon are making people sick across our region.)
Guest 2:  Jim Naureckis , FAIR.org.  Media watchdog breaks down CNN, bias, GOP debate and republican candidates. 
Guest 3: Julian Assange  - WikiLeaks founder talks to book TV about Edward Snowden and why Russia.

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ANTARCTIC ICE DRILLS: knowing whether rising carbon dioxide levels played a part, along with factors such as changes in Earth's rotational tilt - would help scientists to better understand how ice sheets will behave as the world warms

Guest 1:  Al Jazeera America’s Jake Ward   

Inside Hitler’s Secret Nazi Bunkers (Exclusive)

Guest 2:  Cary harrison takes you under Berlin’s current subway system into the 3rd Reich’s recently-discovered bunker systems.

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Guest 1:  ISIS Interviewed: "what do they really want?" - Lydia Wilson, Fellow at Oxford
Guest 2:  Sexy Berlin underground - (Go Harrison travel segment).  
Guest 3: Julian Assange explains Wiki

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1)   It's Up to Us Alone -All-Star Banned Radio Play features Israeli-Palestinian love affair (starring Ed Asner, Eric Roberts)

2)  Oz's WWII "Munchkin" Warrior- Last living Oz Munchkin tells of heroic WWII secret "little person's” mission

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