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Smart Show - 02.09.15

Paul Goodman | Legal Counsel for the Greenlining Institute …..FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposed net neutrality protections, particularly the proposal to treat broadband as a telecommunications service, something Greenlining has long argued is essential to protecting low-income consumers and communities of color from a “new redlining” by providers.

“This is great news for all consumers, particularly for communities of color and low-income Americans, who would have the most to lose without strong action to prevent digital redlining,” said Greenlining Institute Energy and Telecommunications Policy Director Stephanie Chen.

“The battle isn’t over,” added Paul Goodman, Greenlining’s telecommunications legal counsel. “We can expect fierce pushback from the industry, and all of us need to let Congress and the FCC know that Chairman Wheeler is on the right track. Consumer groups will also need to keep a close eye on the implementation of new rules. If we get this right, it will protect access to education, employment and health care for all, even those who have traditionally been left behind.”

The Greenlining Institute first outlined the importance of net neutrality for communities of color in its 2012 report, “Saving the Open Internet.”

Guest 2:  
Al Jazeera America’s Robert Ray
Robert Ray is a correspondent for Al Jazeera America. An experienced and award-winning journalist, Ray has reported around the world and has been on the front lines of many important international and domestic stories including three U.S. Presidential campaigns. Al Jazeera America can be seen in Los Angeles on Time Warner Channel 445, AT&T Channel 1219, DirecTV 347, Dish Channel 215 and Verizon FiOS Channel 614.
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David Sperber, communications director, The Lavender Effect  

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    Doug Gurian-Sherman is director of sustainable agriculture and senior scientist at the Center for Food Safety. He brought to light the relevant government documents.  "New Genetically Engineered Tree To Avoid Federal Oversight Completely," which notes: "A genetically engineered (GE) tree may already be planted in field tests, and eventually be commercialized, in the U.S. without having gone through any regulatory oversight or environmental risk assessment. On January 13th, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) quietly posted its August reply to a letter from ArborGen, a biotechnology company that is developing GE forest trees for plantations, confirming that USDA will require no regulation of ArborGen’s GE loblolly pine.

    "This failure to regulate a GE tree is unprecedented. Other known GE forest trees in the U.S. are being grown in USDA-regulated field trials, and none has been approved for commercial planting. USDA regulation is important because it ensures that risk assessments are carried out to determine whether or not the GE tree will harm the environment before a decision on its commercialization. ...

Jennifer London
Al Jazeera America’s Jennifer London is covering anti-sex trafficking initiatives in Arizona. 
·        Al Jazeera America looks at the Super Bowl, the NFL's turbulent year and the dark side the event has created over the past 49 years---sex trafficking. Al Jazeera America’s Morgan Radford speaks with an NYU sports professor and a PR crisis manager about a season of record performances marred by a domestic violence scandal, an admission the game was responsible for concussion damage to former players and a question about the integrity of the game since deflategate. And we look to the future and ask, "If parents pull their kids out of the sport, can it survive in its current form?"
·        Phoenix is engaged in an aggressive anti-sex trafficking campaign after toughening penalties last year for pimps and johns. Al Jazeera America interviewed a woman, trafficked at the age of 3, who now works to help victims get out. The channel also visited a safehouse for victims of this modern-day sex trade and spoke with the state's new Attorney General who just three weeks into the job is promising he'll make cracking down a top law enforcement priority beyond Sunday's game. The city has 52 billboards with emergency numbers for victims to call.  Al Jazeera America’s Jennifer London has more on anti-sex trafficking efforts in Arizona.


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