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Smart Show - 10/27/14

Sheila Kuehl - running for Los Angeles supervisor.  in charge of a 24 billion dollar budget - greater than the entire state budget of most of all 50 states.
SheilaKuehl served for eight years in the California State Senate and six years in the State Assembly. During that time, She represented over a million people on the westside of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley in a district that Sheila_Kuehl_Bio

ran from the ocean to Hollywood and Westlake Village to Universal City. In 2008, she left the legislature under California’s term limits statute. During that time, she passed single-payer healthcare twice  both times unfortunately vetoed by governor schwartzenegger.    Also, she was the first-in-history openly gay or lesbian member of the California legislature, a groundbreaking pioneer woman (no covered wagons, though :)   

Guest 2:  
 "Biological Weapons Expert Believes Ebola Purposely Created in Biowarfare Lab"
Professor Francis Boyle- board of directors for Amnesty International, represented Bosnia- Herzegovina in the World Court – is a double Harvard Phd Magna Cum Laude, and author of the bestselling book Biowarfare and Terrorism 


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Smart Show - 10/20/14

constitutional scholar to discuss the real intent of founding father, James Madison!  
Plus, a segment on Bewitched with Adam-Michael James.

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Smart Show - 10/13/14

MERYL NASS, M.D. - Dr. Nass writes at the Anthrax Vaccine blog. Her recent pieces include: "Drilling Down Into the Facts Regarding Airborne Spread of Ebola" and "U.S. Ebola: [United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head] Frieden Said Every Hospital Was Ready. He is Wrong." 

Then, Mileece Ptere - SONIFEROUS

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