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Smart Show - 09/29/14

Fred Mariscal - openly gay, immigrant, Los Angeles city Council candidate. 
Fred is running fro council district 4. The current Council Member from CD 4 is Tom Labonge.   CD 4 include the neighborhoods of : Los Feliz, Larchmont Village, Sherman Oaks, Griffith Park, and Hancock park.

"Best in Drag" show -  co-founder and host Patrick Rush and director Jeffrey Drew. 

The 12th annual Best in Drag Show® will be held on October 5, 2014 at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. 

Best In Drag Show® – the outrageous and long-running annual fundraiser for Aid for AIDS– will have two-time Emmy Award winning comedienne Kathy Griffin will headline this year’s event for her 11thtime. Following her opening monologue, Griffin will join the celebrity judge panel, alongside the previously announced Academy Award nominee Melanie Griffith, Emmy Award winner Holland Taylor, Emmy Award nominee Dot Jones, and Kathy Kinney and Mary Louise Parker.
"Cedric" seeking gay asylum from Cameroon, Africa.  Exclusive 

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Smart Show - 09/23/14


 Executive director of the Global Justice Ecology Project, which just released the report "Green Shock Doctrine" and runs the climate-connections.org blog, Peterman said today: "Yesterday's march brought together a diverse mix of constituencies from anti-capitalists to Indigenous Peoples to representatives from communities impacted by climate change both in the U.S. and around the world. Each had their own set of demands, but the overarching theme was the need to build power from the grassroots and stop relying on governments and the UN to do this for us. Today hundreds to possibly a few thousand of these folks will be taking part in the Flood Wall Street direct action to bring attention to the real culprits of climate change, and to expose the corporate capture of the UN."

    Peterman recently wrote the piece: "Confronting Climate Catastrophe: Direct Action is the Antidote for Despair: Or, Why the UN is Worse than Useless and we need to Flood Wall Street!

constitutional scholar to make clear all the anecdotal nonsensethat is being paddled as the founding fathers actual wishes today. 

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Smart Show - 09/08/14

Guest 1: David Bacon is author of The Right to Stay Home and three other books on immigration. He is a labor and immigrant rights activist, and part of the DignityCampaign.org. He said today: "President Obama's decision to delay lifting the threat of deportation from many people is a retreat that will result in more deportations, detentions and firings of people who need equality, legal status and human rights. 

In the name of protecting Democrats in the midterm election, his decision will instead hurt those families who have been some of his greatest supporters. It does nothing to move forward to solve the problems of migration. More people will come to the U.S. tomorrow, driven by poverty and repression, made worse by our pro-corporate trade agreements and foreign intervention. Beefing up enforcement simply criminalizes them, while the continuation of pro-business guest worker programs provides a blatant subsidy for corporations who want to keep wages down and unions weak. We need pro-immigrant and pro-worker immigration reform, not more delays, draconian enforcement and corporate labor schemes.”   

Guest 2: Dr. Helen Caldicott - the Mother of the Anti-Nuclear movement and Author of multiple books.  The Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown disaster “is not over and will never end,” warns Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and holder of 21 honorary doctorate degrees.  “Radioactive fallout which remains toxic for hundreds to thousands of years covers large areas of Japan and will never be ‘cleaned up,'” asserts Dr. Caldicott, a medical doctor who has been showered with honors and awards for her long-time campaign against the dangers of nuclear power production and nuclear war.    

Guest 3:  Judith Vary Baker - after 50 years, the girlfriend of Kennedy Assassin, Lee Harver Oswald, comes out of hiding.   She tells alls in this brief interview.

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