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The Smart Show - 03/18/13

Julie Levine.

The Four Seasons Westlake Village where CEOs from Edison, PG@E, SDG@E, SMUD, Arizona Public Service and other "smart grid" players including staff, consultants and others will be gathered to discuss the how to further financially exploit the deadly smart/surveillance meters and equally deadly smart/surveillance grid.

Being touted as "green" these new meters and their grid can cause many serious illnesses including cancer, birth defects, heart arrhythmia/heart attack, sever headache, tinnitus, immune system problems and much more (World Health Organization)
NORMAN SOLOMON - founder institute for Public accuracy
“The tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion comes at a time of chilling statements from the top of the U.S. government. Days ago, speaking of possible actions against Iran, President Obama told an Israeli TV reporter: ‘I continue to keep all options on the table.’ , including military force.  These statements are similar to the threats uttered by President Bush and Vice President Cheney prior to the invasion of Iraq.”

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The Smart Show - 03/11/13


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