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The Smart Show - 12/17/12

Marty McCombs, Los Angeles Sex Surrogate & Therapist.
Dr. McCombs looks at the "down lo", philandering politicians, and toxic shame.
We'll encourage callers to anonymously share their stories and ask intimate questions.
Also encourage heavy use of Twitter and Facebook as communication on this if telephone is too spooky for some.  This will encourage a greater use of social media which benefits the network at large

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The Smart Show - 12/10/12


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The Smart Show - 12/03/12

Timothy Brown, the only person ever to be fully cured of AIDS.  cured.  No antigens present; now permanently to immune to HIV.
Thanks to German universal healthcare, Mr. Brown successfully underwent an experimental stem cell/bone marrow transplant, infused with HIV-resistant genes.  (Post-war Irony - German medical experiments in Berlin)
UCLA's David DiGiusto Ph.D., Research Professor Dept. of Virology
Dr. DiGusto will begin enrolling HIV + people into a similar program to genetically-repel the virus.  This is only possible because UCLA is a publicly-funded institution without insurance company access to forbid "experimental procedures".

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