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Guest 1: IMAD KHADDURI - Currently in Toronto, Khadduri is author of the books Iraq’s Nuclear Mirage: Memoirs and Delusions and Unrevealed Milestones in the Iraqi National Nuclear Program 1981-1991. He now runs the "Free Iraq" blog.  He has closely followed the Iran nuclear deal and has a 30-page paper forthcoming from the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha: "The Iranian Nuclear Project: Military or Civilian?"
Guest 2: "Best of enemies" documentary.   William F Buckley Junior versus Gore Vidal
Directors Roberts Gordon and Morgan Neville
Guest 3:  Jason Crow talking sex in the city.
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Iran Deal: Manufactured Crisis
GARETH PORTER - Just back after two weeks in Vienna at the Iran talks, He is an investigative journalist and author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.
Sandra Bland "Suicide" After Minor Traffic Stop
KERRY McLEAN - McLean is a human rights lawyer and activist with the International Lawyers Guild.  Based in New York  "The troubling, highly suspicious death of Sandra Bland is unfortunately all too familiar to African Americans.
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Anti-Gay Marriage, Confederacy, and the Bible

Robin Perelle  is the managing editor in Vancouver of Daily Xtra, Canada's daily source of LGBT news. 
Go to dailyxtra.com for your daily fix of local, national and international coverage of Canada's gay community.
And follow her on Twitter @RobinPerelle
Against gay marriage & Racially Divided Confederate Flag Debate
 Carol M. Swain, PhD.  

Creator and Host of “Be the People” Television Show

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Icarus mellesinidis. In Athens, Greek Olympic gold medal champion looks at live unfolding events as Greeks are now restricted from withdrawing money from their ATMs. Also, Jason Crow, and James Henry. 
    Henry is former chief economist at the international consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. He is now senior fellow at the Columbia University Center for Sustainable International Investment.  

    He said today: "Several noted economists -- including Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman -- have said that what the EU is doing to Greece makes no sense from an economic point of view. And they're right, it doesn't from an economic point of view -- but it may from a political point of view."

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Yasmin Nair is a writer, academic, and activist based in Chicago. She is the co-founder of the editorial collective Against Equality and a member of the grassroots organisation Gender JUST. Her work can be found at www.yasminnair.net.

Guest 2:  Jason crow.  
Guest 3:  Bruce Kaufman. 
Independence Day and the founding fathers goal of the constitution. 
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Guest 1: Olympian Gold Medal Greek Champion Ioaness Melissanidis 

Guest 2:  Ami Canaan Mann - Director of Jackie & Ryan, starring Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes

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Sean McElwee to discuss Sean’s Opinion article for Al Jazeera America on Obamacare and the 2016 Presidential race.  saying 2016 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES NEED TO EMBRACE OBAMACARE
·        …. and how the left should learn to love Affordable Care Act, a landmark extension of the welfare state.  He writes, “The Affordable Care Act is probably the most progressive policy Americans born after the Great Society will witness in their lifetimes. It has saved tens of thousands of Americans from premature death and has already insured more than 12 million people. It has already defined Barack Obama’s legacy and will inevitably be at the center of the 2016 election. So why do so many on the left despise it?” Read more here: http://america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2015/5/in-2016-democrats-need-to-embrace-obamacare.html
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Jamie McIntyre is a Washington, D.C.-based journalist for Al Jazeera America.  Jamie joined Al Jazeera America from NPR, where he served as a newscaster for "All Things Considered." Prior to that, James was the Senior Pentagon correspondent for CNN. You can find Al Jazeera America in southern California on Time Warner Channel 445, AT&T U-Verse 1219, DirecTV 347 and Dish Channel 216.


  • When the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee meets in Washington, members will examine social media and the next evolution of terrorist recruitment. Al Jazeera America’s Jamie McIntyre has more on Mubin Shaikh, who is scheduled to testify before the committee. Shaikh is a self-described former supporter of violent attacks on Western targets and now works with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to prevent international and domestic attacks.  
  • Additionally, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will travel to New York to meet with community leaders to discuss ongoing collaboration with civil rights and civil liberties leaders, safeguarding local communities, and building partnerships between community organizations and state and local officials. Homeland Security  has worked for years to build strong ties with the Muslim-American community as a law enforcement tool – including getting communities and mosque leadership to police themselves and tip off authorities to potential domestic threats from within. But with the numerous complaints from community leaders on a number of civil rights violations, trust has eroded. Given concerns over "home grown terrorism" and the ISIL claims of responsibility for the Garland attack, much is at stake for those charged with safeguarding the US. Al Jazeera America’s national security correspondent Jamie McIntyre has more from Washington, D.C.

Dr. Karin Hehenberger.  

diabetes and its complications eventually leading to two transplants and a so called Cure, and how that drove me to dedicate my career to diabetes research followed by a career in business and now Lyfebulb. I can then speak about lyfebulb and what we do and what are goals are

Please check out our website lyfebulb.com 

Jason Crowe - fitness report

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Cher jumps into local politics.  Cher endorses Heidi Shink, who is  running for City Council against the notoriously corrupt politics and developers of West Hollywood California.   

Heidi Shink for West Hollywood City Council

Guest 2: Louis Slesin, Editor & Publisher, http://microwavenews.com       

Founder, Editor & Publisher, Microwave News, a bimonthly newsletter on the biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, with special emphasis on power lines and cellular phones.   

Former Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council.  Ph.D., Environmental Policy, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA.

Guest 3: Eric Gladen, Director of the documentary, Trace amounts: Autism, mercury, and the hidden Truth.   

Eric spent the first two years researching the science behind potential “causes” of Autism. Immediately I realized how controversial this subject was since many were claiming that childhood vaccines were the cause. But I wasn’t focused on the vaccines themselves, I was focused on something else that is simply added to vaccines solely to save pharmaceutical companies time and money.  Mercury.

Tomorrow in California is a vote to wipe out exceptions and make vaccinations mandatory for all.
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BP 5 years later.  We hear a censored story Harrison did with gulf Fishermen at the time, followed by a 7 min interview with one of the BP eye-witnessing fishermen in Mississippi.  


  •       April 20th marked the five-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, when a deep-water oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and unleashing an 87-day undersea geyser of oil that spewed at least 518 million liters into the Gulf of Mexico. Environmentalists and BP have each recently filed reports on the current status of the Gulf ecosystem.  each entity clearlyhas used the findings to underscore their point of view. Some examples, BP says the massive cleanup efforts have been "highly effective" and have prevented a lot of oil from reaching the shorelines. The National Wildlife Federation says BP is still cleaning up its mess 5 years later. A 28,000 tarmat was discovered just a few weeks ago. BP says oiled beaches and marsh areas have "largely recovered,” while the National Wildlife Federation says the coastal wetlands continue to show signs of visible oil years later.  

The worst environmental disaster in U.S. history took place five years ago when the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven workers were killed and for 87 straight days, oil and methane gas spewed into the water. Parent company BP, which paid $14 billion in claims and other payments, has come under fire for not doing enough in the years that have followed.  there’s an upcoming civil case ruling that could results in a $13 billion fine. BP says it cannot afford to pay more than $2.3 billon.  

Guest 2: Walter & Emily Procek.   

Premiere of TV’s “Celebrated” on the Reelz Channel.   Positive storytelling in a cynical Hollywood world.

Guest 3: Al Jazeera America’s Jamie McIntyre  - Russia's Arms Sale to Iran.     


  • Some experts are concerned that Russia's planned sale of advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran could give Tehran an effective "bulletproof shield" that would largely neutralize any future attempt by the U.S. or Israel to bomb suspected nuclear sites that violate the nuclear agreement.  Al Jazeera America takes a deep dive into the deal, to separate the hype from the real concerns about how the advanced mobile air defenses could complicate any future military option. We also examine  the S-300 missile's capabilities, and explain how the U.S. might use its stealth and other technical superiority to try to counter the systems.Al Jazeera America’s Jamie McIntyre in Washington has more.

Jamie McIntyre covers national security affairs for Al Jazeera America, the U.S. cable news channel that covers both domestic and international news. Jamie came to Al Jazeera America from NPR, and was CNN’s Senior Pentagon correspondent for 16 years.  He was in the Pentagon during the September 11th attacks.  You can find Al Jazeera America in southern California on Time Warner Channel 445, AT&T U-Verse 1219, DirecTV 347 and Dish Channel 216.

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